Oliver Thom (Pós-Doutorando no IMPA)

Friday, November 8th,2019.  Room   4-111  , at 4:00 p.m. 


Title: About simultaneous resolution of singularities


Abstract What does an application F : (C2; 0) -> (C2; 0) look like? More
precisely, can we do blow-ups at the source and at the target to obtain simple
forms on which we can understand the application F better? This question
looks simple, it is not so different from the classical resolution of singularities in
appearance, but is in fact much more subtle than this. For example, the most
optimistic version of this question: "after blow-ups on both sides, can we obtain
a ramifi ed covering around the exceptionnal divisors ?", has a negative answer,
even locally.
During this talk, I would like to explore this question, explain the classical
results and the obstructions to obtain simple forms; more generally, try to give
precise answers to this vague question